The Stories of Sexualization

The names, the stories, the ages, the impact.

23 women

16 names

41 stories 

56 ages

Catcalling, parental comments, sexual assault, workplace harassment, racial sexualizing, infantilization, shaming, rape.

Every woman has their story.

This podcast episode explores a group of women’s unique, yet familiar, experiences of sexualization within the world.

Women are not inherently sexual.

Why do we see women as sexual objects before we see their humanity?

Desexualize Women.

Women are often seen through a sexual lens, before their humanity is fully recognized by the world—we are viewed as inherently sexual. Whether it be catcalling, objectification, or sexual assault, every woman I know has some story of being sexualized. This project, while small-scale, attempts to expose the silenced experiences of women and redefine their existence within society. Desexualization is redefinition.

Thank you to all of the women who bravely and beautifully allowed the world to see and hear this part of who they are.

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